In my recent years, I have become slightly obsessed with mandalas. They are used in some sects of Hinduism and Buddhism to represent dieties or the path to enlightenment, and are used in holy rituals. The original Sanskrit word literally means “circle.”  I mean it cannot get more simple than that. To me a mandala represents balance, strength, unity, and wholeness. I even have a large mandala tattoo on my back that I will post a picture of…probably….I’m very new at this and have yet to figure everything out.

  • Balance:  To me, balance is important to a healthy physical, mental, and spiritual life. Balance means eating right and exercising. It means checking the self-deprecating humor at the door and fully accepting one’s strengths and weaknesses. It means being in touch with yourself and with the Universe or God or whatever.
  • Strength: This one is both easy and hard for me. I’ve had to be tough my entire life, facing obstacle after obstacle as one does. Sometimes I falter in my beliefs that I am strong enough to handle everything.
  • Unity: I strive to create unity wherever I go. Unity, to me, is something that is necessary for peaceful coexistence with others and with one’s own self. Let the voices in your head team up to help you be great instead of subverting your thoughts. Trying to create unity and peace within and without can be difficult, but my advice is to go into it with an open mind and open heart.
  • Wholeness: In my first post, I mentioned wanting to love “my whole-ass self.” Mandalas help me to realize that every little piece of myself matters. In turn, this allows me to work on separate parts of myself in order to keep my whole self thriving.

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  1. I love your take on mandalas! I’ve got very limited exposure to them honestly but have always seen them as beautiful art. It is interesting and really enlightening to know they can have such deeper meaning! Thank you for sharing!

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