The Great Perhaps


As you may have noticed, my tagline is a quote that John Green uses in his brilliant novel Looking for Alaska (one of my all-time favorites and I would recommend it to anyone). But what exactly is the Great Perhaps? To some it means being at peace with oneself. Well, I love this definition, and want to stick with it.  So for me, it means not feeling afraid anymore. It means being kind to everyone, including myself.  It means being at peace with myself. My whole-ass self. From spectacular to sucky. I’m trying this new thing called “taking care of myself” and I’m loving it, it’s hard, but i’m loving it. I’m here to spread good vibes and talk about things that I care about.

12 thoughts on “The Great Perhaps

  1. Nice! I think you’ll find that writing is/can be very therapeutic.. sometimes writing it down helps you see what you couldn’t… keep it up

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  2. It’s great that you want to “take care of yourself.” I’ve encountered far, far too many twenty-somethings that act like the world owes them and should provide everything for them.
    Good luck with your academic endeavors.

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  3. I love this! I’ll be following, for sure. What a beautiful way to help others focus on the good, and the good in themselves, as well as take care of yourself. 💜😘

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