Daily Little Joy

Here’s where I’ll post my daily moments of fleeting joy. Some days will have more, some will have less, some will have none. This is to remind me that I can find something to be grateful for every single day.

4/27: made a new friend

4/26: school was interesting today, see my Tunes and Blooms blog post

4/25: finally got some sleep in

4/24: I got to sleep in, got to see a friend, and we had jambalaya for dinner

4/23: I woke up by 7, feelings great, and I came into some money unexpectedly

4/22: I got to have TWO cups of coffee today along with some great food, I got the aux cord on the was back to Ohio, I talked to a guy that’s pretty neat, I got to go out with my brother, my sister-in-law, and their friends to the bar, and I got six whole hours of sleep when I’ve been getting 0-4 usually

4/21: i got to have a nice cup of coffee this morning, we drove to see my sister, Riley, in college and during the drive up we were jamming to some great music and just having a good time, I got a juice box, and I got to talk with my friend Kat who I haven’t talked to in months

4/20: getting Mexican food twice in one day, 420, lunch with my friend Corinne, and dinner with my friends Austin and Emily

2 thoughts on “Daily Little Joy

    1. I used to get caught up in negative thought patterns, but by finding at least one thing I can be joyful for each day, I help myself to stay in a positive mindset!


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