Pineapples on Pizza

When I first heard that people were putting pineapple on pizza, I thought it was disgusting. Then I tried it one time and it was heavenly. I had a Hawaiian pizza, with ham and pineapple on it, and the savoriness and saltiness of the ham perfectly balanced the sweetness and juiciness of the pineapple.

I’d love to see a debate on this happen, so comment your opinions!

7 thoughts on “Pineapples on Pizza

  1. I personally don’t like pineapple at all! I too once tried a Hawain pizza & hated it- this was about 6 years back! Recenty, I had the same pizza but I didn’t know what I was having- and I liked it! Perhaps I should have a more open mind about food!

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  2. I thinks it’s good, but only every once in a while for something different. When I do have pizza it’s usually a comfort food and I like to stick to my tried and true faves (big surprise, huh 😜)

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