Tunes and Blooms

Every April the Cincinnati Zoo puts on “Tunes and Blooms” every Thursday night. They have a band or bands come to play, they have all the flowers blooming throughout the zoo, and they sell food and drinks. The last Thursday in April, I went with my friends, Lilly and Taylor.


Great Lakes Brewing Company, from Cleveland, OH (would highly recommend), was doing a free raffle giveaway for an AudioTechnica turntable and headphone. We each got a ticket and some food and beer and walked around the zoo. We saw so many animals, including an elephant, and PRINCESS FIONA THE HIPPO.

We all made it back to the main stage area, where they were announcing the winner of the turntable, and all sat down. When it was time to call a number, I stood up, telling my friends it was gonna be me, so I had to be prepared. Sure enough, they called out my number!

turntable winner

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