In my recent years, I have become slightly obsessed with mandalas. They are used in some sects of Hinduism and Buddhism to represent dieties or the path to enlightenment, and are used in holy rituals. The original Sanskrit word literally means "circle."  I mean it cannot get more simple than that. To me a mandala represents balance, … Continue reading Mandalas

In pursuit of happiness

Important ways we can all be happier

Musings of a grateful heart...❤

” I was unhappy of my small house,

Till I met a homeless man,

I complained about my parents

Till I met an orphan,

I thought I was unlucky

Till I met a deformed man,

I was upset at the homework

Till I saw child labor,

I complained of my old shoes,

Until I saw a man without a leg,

I regretted my failure

Until I saw those who didn’t try…

That is when I realized…”

We all want to be happy, no one likes unhappiness. Most people associate happiness with a goal or an external object, without which they will feel unhappy and discontent. Searching for happiness or associating it with a goal is like searching for your specs all your house not knowing that it is there on your nose. So the key to happiness is yourself, it is within you.So in this post, i” ll be sharing…

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